About Us

A Caring Approach to Child Care

We really enjoy being with your kids!  The world of 3, 4 & 5 year olds is full of adventure, silliness and love.  We believe that small children thrive in environments that are exciting, loving, consistent, and fair.  We strive to laugh with the child who is happy and console the one who is sad.  We help the shy child speak up and the bold ones learn boundaries.  Above all, we get to know your child and celebrate the wonderful gift that he or she is!

preschool friends

Learning through Play

Children learn best by exploring the world around them.  How do kids explore?  They play!!  A preschool that does paper and pencil tasks all day at the expense of wonderful play experiences is missing the boat.  At MSPC Preschool we play a lot!  Play helps us learn to share, use our imagination, learn cause and effect and so much more. 

To maximize our "play potential" we change our classrooms once a month.  All toys, books, puzzles are removed and new ones take their place.  This keeps our atmosphere fun and fresh!  Even the academic skills that the children need can be acquired on a "playful" way.  Exploring with art projects, singing at circle time, engaging in games that feature numbers & letters allow us to learn & play at the same time.


Our staff is the best around. First and foremost we really like to be with kids.  They make us laugh.  They give us snuggles.  They love us all the time, even when we are having a “bad hair day”.

The preschool is staffed by certified teachers, experienced, non-certified teachers, and a director. We are proud to be able to tell you that we have a low turnover rate, and our teaching staff combined has over 70 years of experience here at MSPC Preschool!

All of us have had our children attend MSPC Preschool. Together we have 23 children from toddlers to adults!

Here at MSPC Preschool we love to go “off campus” and visit other people and places. The following is a list of places that we have found to be fun and preschool appropriate. If you are a MSPC Preschool parent, you can be sure that we will visit some of these places while your child is attending our school.