April Activities

rocketshipWe are looking forward to putting away our winter clothes and getting out those light sweaters!

Our three year olds are learning about transportation this month! We will be reading and making projects about all kinds of “things that go”. The bigger kids are helping us remember that transportation is anything that gets you from here to there! We will be making our names on rocket ships, painting some really cool cars, and playing with all kinds of wheeled toys. Watch for our “Go, Dog Go” project – I love it!

The four year olds have headed off to the Wild West! These desperadoes are making wanted posters and working on a list of “Cowboy ABC’s”. They will be learning about horses, cows, and the desert…awesome!

The Pre-K kids have blasted off into Space. Watch them grow as they learn the names of the planets, how a rocket works, and that the sun is really a star! They will be making a book about our solar system this month. This is one of our favorite units – kids can learn anything!

Also, field trip for everyone on April 21st and Daddy and Me Night on April 24th.

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