May Activities

oceanOur three year olds will be playing around with “Ocean ABC’s”. We will be reinforcing letters while learning about some of the wonderful animals that live in our oceans. The three year olds will need a white t-shirt on May 8th!

Our four year olds will be diving into the ocean. What a great way to start thinking about summer. Look for projects that create ocean critters and habitats. We will be creating fish, sea turtles, jellyfish and crabs. We will be making all kinds of “under the sea” projects. I hope that all you parents can swim…you’ll have a ton of oceany projects before this month is up!

The Pre-K kids will be doing a hula dance on a Tropical Island. They will be learning some great concepts…”What is an Island?”, “Who lives there?”, and “What kind of creatures live in the surrounding waters?” The big kids will complete the alphabet book that they have been working on all year. They will continue to sharpen their pre-reading and pre-writing skills so they can rock it out at kindergarten!

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