October Activities

It is going to be a full month at preschool! Our curriculum this month will give us a chance to explore apples and pumpkins and learn what it is like to be a farmer. our Pre-k kids are going to follow foods from the farm to their tables!

Our three year olds will be learning about apples and pumpkins this month. Our children will be doing projects that promote hands-on learning. We will be spending a lot of time with the colors red and orange. OMP900309568ur three year olds will continue to adjust to the preschool routine during this month. They are doing great; but, remember that it can take six to eight weeks for some children to become comfortable in the school setting.

The four year olds will be heading out to the farm! They will be exploring the crops and animals that live on the farm. They will be making lots of super-fun projects. I LOVE the foot tractors! This is a month that the teachers really enjoy…we like how the farm projects relate to our trip to the apple and pumpkin farm.

Our pre-K children will be busy with a month of Harvest activities. We will be discussing the crops that are harvested at this time of year. We will be learning how our food goes from farm to table. With the longer day now in place, the pre-K kids will be cooking some of those foods this month.

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