Camp Mommy


So what should you do this summer when your preschooler is shouting to go to camp just like his big brothers and sisters?  My advice is to send the little guys to “Camp Mommy”!

Yikes, “Camp Mommy”, how, and more importantly, why would you want to be head counselor of your own camp for preschoolers? It sounds like appointing yourself chief inmate at the asylum! Well, if you appoint yourself head counselor, YOU get to make the schedule, pick the activities, and decide what time is “lights out”.  Grab your whistle and your clipboard and you’ll be having your campers humming “Kum Ba Ya” before you can yell, “the s’mores are ready”!

If having a summer schedule seems too rigid for your lazy summer days, consider this, preschoolers thrive on routine.  Your child will be much happier knowing what is going to happen next.  Also, you are much less likely to forget the preschoolers in your family this way.  Your child will not waste away in his car seat while you chauffer the older kids to their activities.  He will not languish in front to the TV all day while you tend to the baby.  An active engaged kid, who is looking forward to what is coming next, will be much happier and more cooperative than one who is drifting through his day!

Being head counselor at your own private camp means you get to pick all camp activities.  You may chose to schedule visits to grandma or play dates with friends.  You could take advantage of programs at the local library or nature center.  You could roam farther a field and explore zoos, museums and the like.  A trip to the park or playground is a free and fun way to spend an afternoon.  Pack a picnic lunch and your camera and you have a day to remember!

You don’t have to leave home or spend a lot of money to make “Camp Mommy” a great place to be a kid. When my kids were young, we would choose a new activity to learn each summer.  One summer was dedicated to the art of face painting.  We got really good.  In fact so good that one hot summer day, Katie who was three at the time, and quite naked, escaped to the neighbor’s house to show off her tiger makeup.  She peeked in their kitchen window and growled at them.  The neighbors, bless their grandparent hearts, screamed,very dramatically, “Look a scary naked tiger!”  We sheepishly retrieved our tiger.  So try learning something new together.  Maybe it is badminton, fly fishing or face painting.

So have a great time this summer at “Camp Mommy”.  The years that your have your happy campers are all too short.  Before you know it you will be packing his trunk and sending him off to real camp.  Enjoy your summer job as head counselor!

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