May News

MayMay is here!! How fast the year has gone! As a I get older, it seems to me that the years have begun racing by. Mrs. Collura’s oldest child is graduating from High School in just a few short weeks. It was just a minute ago that he was a MSPC Preschooler!

It has been a good year here at preschool. It feels like things went especially smoothly. Not that we haven’t had our bumps in the road. For the staff, it is a blessing to come and be with your children. They delight and challenge us by turns. Even on the most “challenging” days, they always give us something to laugh about.

Each year I remind you all how great my job is. Again, I say that being the director of MSPC Preschool is one of the shining lights in my life. Few people are blessed enough to get up each morning knowing that what they do is truly their calling in life. Right now I am typing as fast as I can, because I can hear the MWF afternoon kids doing puzzles…If I hurry, maybe they will let me help.

So got to go, I have a puzzle to build….Bonnie

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