October News


THANK YOU!!! We have all made it through the first month of preschool. The first few weeks of school are difficult. If your child is still feeling insecure…remember, it can take up to eight weeks to adjust. That means that you could be shopping for your Thanksgiving turkey before you and your child are completely at ease.

Remember to check your child’s cubby box after every class. This is where you will find all the paperwork that gets sent home. If you are missing anything or have misplaced any paperwork, there are always extra copies in the office.

Fall is here! That means cold and flu season will be right around the corner. Please keep your child home if he seems feverish or uncomfortable. Children on antibiotics must take the medication for a full 24 hours before returning to school. Fall also means time for coats for outdoor play. Please label your child’s coat with his/her name.

Also, I have been summoned for jury duty. Due to the type of summons, I will be “on call” for this entire month of October. This means I may miss quite a  lot of school…bummer!


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