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At MSPC Pre-school we offer a variety of class options. For our smallest students we have classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  As your child grows, so do your class options.  Our four year old children may come to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9AM - 12PM or Tuesday and Thursday 9AM - 2PM.  The oldest of our kids, the Pre-K Group, may attend preschool for extended days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9AM - 2PM and/or Tuesday and Thursday 9AM - 2PM.

3 Year Old Class

Our three year old friends are our youngest students.  We ask that they be three by September 30th.  We would like your child to be "potty trained."  Our three year old program introduces the children to the joys of being at school.  We focus on social, self-help, and fine motor skills.  We have a lot of fun learning to be good friends and amazing preschoolers!

4 Year Old Class

As our children grow, so does their preschool experience.  Children who have reached their fourth birthday by September 30th, will begin to work on the skills they will need to be successful in Kindergarten.  These skills include, but are not limited to, social, emotional, fine motor, gross motor, pre-reading, pre-writing & pre-math skills.  Hey, but this is a super fun place so to acquire these skills we use lots of play, art and general silliness.


"My child misses the kindergarten cut-off date!" Yikes, we hear that all the time from parents with varying degrees of panic!  Don't worry, giving your child an extra year of preschool because he has "missed the date" or because he is just not ready is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child.  Your child will have an extra year to grow and you keep your car seat partner for a little longer!  Our Pre-K kids rock our building.  They explore thematic units that include "space" and "the rainforest" and so many more!  The Pre-K kids build on everything they have learned up to this point.  When our Pre-K kids leave our program they are confident and prepared to tackle Kindergarten.

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"All I can say is I wish I knew about this preschool when my older son was of age! Dylan loved every single thing about going to school. When he was sick, I had to fight him to stay home! I couldn't recommend this school more. A loving, fun environment with just the right amount of academic preparation to keep the kids and parents proud and happy."

Carolyn Perry - Preschool Parent

3 year old classes

Tuesday and Thursday

9:00 - 11:30AM

4 year old classes

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9:00 - 11:45AM

4 years old and Pre-K classes extended hours

Tuesday and Thursday

9:00 - 2:00PM


Monday and Wednesday 

9:00 - 2:00PM



9:00 - 11:45AM


Additional Resources


MSPC Preschool offers several extra classes during the preschool year. We call these classes "Preschool Explorers". We chose a theme to explore with the children.  The children bring their lunches with them. They really get a kick out of eating together. Themes and dates for explorer classes vary fom year to year. We have enjoyed themes such as "Seasons", "Pennsylvania", "Magnets" and "Leaves" to name a few.

Summer Camp

We do not run a formal program here at preschool during the summer. We do have several "Summer Camp-type" programs. We offer a one week session that revolves around a theme. The dates and themes for the programs are announced in the spring of each year.

Special Needs

The staff at MSPC Preschool feels very strongly that all children are entitled to a fun, meaningful preschool experience.  For us that means that we  will work to accept children who are differently abled.  If we can keep your child safe, we want to enroll him!  

Over the years we have loved kids with Down Syndrome, Autism, speech delays, physical restrictions & more.  We will work with your specialists to ensure that your child's needs and goals are met.